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Vote For Your Favorite Song!

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  1. Tom Esposito December 11, 2010 at 9:22 pm # Reply

    Incredibly professional, David… great messages/theme and a truly brilliant mixing job. There is great diversity between the songs as well… at least from what I could draw from the clips. “Never Alone” was definitely my and Kelli’s favorite… I am a sucker for gentle background orchestral instruments–especially when you can blend a guitar riff and make it sound natural. I noticed some “constructive criticism” on Oasis from commenters, which I disagree with. I think it is solid–more in the genre of DC Talk, and again, adding fuller dimension to the album as well as demonstrating your range/repertoire. The best talent in the music biz sadly does not always rise to the top, but you’ve certainly created something here that not only gives glory to God, but also has artistic merit.

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