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FaithStruck, the name David Rhugnanan chose for the face of this worship band, and he happens to be the sole member of it as well.  So lets find out a little more about David.

David was born the 3rd child out of 4 on October 6, 1979 in Danbury Connecticut. As a child David’s mother always played french music and classics for him to hear and develop his ear. At the age of 11, David began taking piano lessons after his parents noticed he would listen to music and repeat it on the piano.   David’s Father took him on a trip to the store to pick up his very first electric keyboard and that ignited a spark.  David wanted to write and produce his own music, and with that keyboard he began recording on the dual track cassette recorders hoping to make a tune.   Further down the road David began his “oficial” music training at Miami Dade College in Miami, FL  for 2 years in jazz studies.

After a brief hiatus in music, David was re-ignited when he joined the Covenant Band at St. Louis Church in Miami, FL.  David was not satisfied simply playing what others had written and felt it was time he helped spread a message with his own music. David began producing his music in 2002 when he bought his first Mac, and found he could easily produce with its software. He has been working and improving ever since. He currently has over 80 songs written.

David wants to carry the message his music sends across the world and follow his passion to bring happiness and faith to the lives of others, and leave them FaithStruck!